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Gopher Tortoise


Birds are not the only wildlife on Sanibel. This gopher tortoise lives in the dunes, a wild tangle of sea grapes, century plants, and cordgrass between the grounds and the beach. On nice afternoons it ventures onto the lawn to eat tender new shoots. They can move with surprising speed when necessary.

Cars are one of their few enemies. The speed limit on Sanibel is 30-35, and signs warn motorists to stop for crossing tortoises. We’ve also seen raccoons, marsh rabbits, and once or twice a skinny, island bobcat. I’ve never carved a tortoise, but I think this year I’ll give one a try.

  1. yeah!! carve tortoise!!!! a big one!!

  2. Yes please carve one

  3. What shape is the beach in at Sanibel?

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