Barred Owl

Barred Owl

We finally saw the Barred Owl that has been calling around our cabin. Their distinctive call, “Who cooks for you. Who cooks for you all,” is unmistakable. They are a deep woods bird with unusual dark eyes; most owls have yellowish eyes.

Barred Owls are hard to spot. They roost quietly during the day, and are sit-and-wait predators at night. We saw this one just before sunset, quietly watching the chickadees at our feeder. It was probably waiting for an unwary squirrel to make an appearance. They also hunt smaller mammals such as mice and voles. Their prey becomes harder to find in winter when deep snow covers the ground.

Since the owl has been around we have seen fewer red squirrels – a favorite food. Unfortunately our flying squirrels have also disappeared.

I think he would make a good woodcarving someday. Right now I’m working on a flying Great Horned Owl. I’ll post some photos as I carve him.

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