Bütz Strop

Exclusively designed and developed by Rick Bütz for the Woodcraft Co., this strop has features that allow quick and easy honing of all carving tools. The large 9½” x 3” flat surface provides ample area for putting a razor sharp edge on knives and other straight blade tools. A specially designed, ¼” radius edge fits the inner surface of curved bladed tools, such as gouges and fishtails. The angled, 45-degree edge quickly produces a razor edge of any V-shaped tool. Split leather hide completely wraps the hardwood form, allowing charging of both sides with honing compounds of different grits. Lacquered 4¾” contoured handle fits comfortably in the hand to ensure maximum control. Purchase online.

  1. Hi
    I really need a Butz strop. Do you have any available or know where I can find one. They are the very best and I’ll be heartbroken if I cant find one!
    Don Ramsey
    206 779 1600

    • Hi Don,
      I’m delighted to hear that you found the strop I designed helpful. I created it because I needed a better way to strop carving gouges.

      I just checked with Woodcraft Supply the company that manufactured and distributed the Butz Strop. It’s currently unavailable because the person who was making them retired. They are looking for another source. You may want to call their customer service number in the future to check on availability: 1-800-225-1153.

      Thanks,keep in touch.
      Happy Carving!

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